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I like to imagine Vertical as a scrawny, skinny boy with knock knees, always in shorts playing with empty Fuji Provia 120mm cartridges, born under the shadow of the experience of a professional photographer during the 80's and 90's, discovering from an early age the behind the scenes of photographic and film production, that within all this the only responsibility he had was to press a test button on a 1200w Speedotron when the director required it.

Enough responsibility for a 7 year old who in his adolescence abhorred the desire to become a photographer but who in his adulthood would end up passionate and in love with this profession, making it part of his life, becoming.... a photographer, understanding up to that moment the paths that God had marked out for him.

Why work with us?

"Discovering the best light of the day, vibrant colors, visual language, new lighting techniques, editing, montage, pushing the pixels and feeling satisfaction in each photograph became his desire and dream. Vertical is the continuation of this dream, it is for us the blessing of being able to work in what we love, it is to be able to share successes with our clients, who are always friends, whom we help sell when we highlight their brands with our final products, which always arise from an intense team process.

Recording, capturing and editing are our actions, but it is not these that we offer to our clients and friends, it is the minds and brains behind each of these actions; heads with skills that have been given to us from above, and they are the ones that we put at the service of our clients every time we go out to produce a piece. That's why each one of our videos and photos carries a piece of our life, which we share with satisfaction and pride with all of you, so the question is; What story do you want to tell now? ”

-Eduardo Fuentes Guevara


Our whole scheme


Our mission

We are a company that carefully spins stories to create audiovisual materials that entertain, inform and sell.

Our vision

To be a global audiovisual production and content generation company, providing our clients with quality creative services regardless of borders or cultures.


- Position Vertical Films as a complete production company that offers a wide range of services through its highly experienced team.

- Develop the world of digital content creation to complement current services.

- To offer the client new visual solutions for costumer engagement and loyalty.

We're creating your stories